My Passions

I am passionate about helping people. I began my working life as a nurse where I spent over 10 years working in Intensive Care Units in both adult and children's hospitals in Sydney and Brisbane. Here I learned not only how the body works but also how the current medical system does not have all the answers and that there is much more to healing and health. I loved my work but 3 kids and shift work are a hard road and I knew I had more to learn.

I am passionate about kinesiology. I came to kinesiology through my own health. I had terrible and constant back pain from a mild scoliosis and years of lifting patients.  Unexpectedly I found myself on a kinesiology table and suddenly a whole new world of healing opened before me. Over the course of a year, and monthly kinesiology sessions, not only did my pain disappear but my scoliosis went with it.

I am passionate about kids. When my 7 year old developed selective mutism at school a year later I found my above average, slighty anxious child was suddenly not ok. Within 3 kinesiology sessions my child was back but even better, the anxiety, that had become crippling, was just occasional background noise. Now I knew what I wanted to learn, and I never dreamed of the changes that I would help facilitate in peoples lives.

I am passionate about connecting people with their best selves. All of us have the ability to change our lives. To step out of what we know and into what we desire. As mothers it can be hard to always be patient and kind with our children when our lives are stressed with money worries, relationship ups and downs and kids with their own issues taking every part of us. Our men struggle with the stress of work, providing for families and meeting the unrealistic expectations of our current times, with the impossible task to 'do it all' while suppressing their emotions.